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Testimonial Hyspec Engineering

Here's what Hyspec Engineering said about Airflow.

"During one’s lifetime we meet people and companies that are somehow different from others. At Hyspec Engineering Ltd we have recently experienced such a difference.

We contacted several companies with regards to their providing plant and equipment to satisfy our surface coating requirements.

Airflow Environmental Ltd however were different!

Yes they came up with a solution. Yes they satisfied our remit but they did more than that, they created a congenial ambiance when communicating, whether by e mail or when being face to face.

They listened to what we required, they came up with the answer.

They provided drawing after drawing until the solution was found.

They never once complained nor grumbled.

They even smiled (whistled while they worked) when they were installing the plant and equipment, which was completed early.

Our experience of them and with them was akin to that of welcoming long lost family into one’s home.

They were a delight and a pleasure to deal with.

We sincerely thank them for their competence, their congeniality and their counsel which by working closely with us created an end product that can only be described as superb."

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