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Filtered Air Inlet Units

Most forms of exhaust ventilation remove large volumes of contaminated warm air from the working factory environment. Unless this air is replaced via a Filtered Air Inlet Unit, the entire factory working environment will quickly become cold, damp and dirty.

Our range of filtered air inlet unit's incorporate gas, electric or steam heating to maintain a clean dry environment at a controlled temperature. With a standard range of sizes from 3.38 M3/sec (7,160 cfm) to 10.16 M3/sec (21,530 cfm) and larger sizes built to order. Airflow Environmental can provide the correct unit for your application.

We have system design and installation experience with 30 plus years know-how from our internal design and manufacturing teams, we have an unrivalled knowledge of these product groups and their application in the UK and our vibrant export market. Our expertise within these areas allows for our products to be manufacture and installed to the highest standards being ATEX and ISO systems accredited.

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filtered air inlet units