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Paint Mixing Rooms

Paint Kitchens are manufactured by Airflow in a comprehensive range of modular sizes. Incorporating bunded base floors to contain any spillages and vapour ventilation, the enclosures meet current HSE, COSHH and fire resistance regulations. Available with a mixing bench these enclosures are the convenient, safe solution to storing and mixing paints and lacquers adjacent to your Airflow Spray Booth.

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Paint Mixing Rooms Overview

Airflow Paint Mixing Rooms, or Paint Kitchens as they are often referred to, provide the best and safest environment to mix, thin and blend paints and lacquers immediately prior to application. Usually sited adjacent to the Spray Booth or Spray Room, the Paint Mixing Room has good quality lighting and forced ventilation to provide the correct working environment.

The complete room sits on a one-piece seam welded and crack detected bunded base, which incorporates an open grid floor for operator comfort. Each room can be supplied with a choice of mixing benches, a roof mounted ventilation fan provides extract at both bench level and floor level.

Replacement air enters the room via replaceable filter panels to maintain a clean environment and exclude contaminating particulates. Lighting is supplied with each Paint Mixing Room, and can be supplied to specific colour rendering (e.g. Daylight equivalent) for colour matching purposes.

To compliment your Spray Booth and Paint Mixing Booth. Airflow has over 30 years system design and installation experience. Our internal design and manufacturing teams have been developing solutions for the worlds top companies since 1985, and now offer unparalleled expertise within the finishing industry. We have an unrivalled knowledge of oven applications within your market. Our expertise within these areas allows us to knowledgably advise on the correct lifetime solution for your particular process.

Please browse our website for more information about Airflow and our range of Paint Mixing Booths and Industrial Mixing Booths. Call us on 01142 327788 to speak to one of our team, or e-mail us at [email protected].