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Pre Treatment Plants

Any finish, no matter how expertly applied is wasted unless applied to a clean, pretreated surface. Our pre treatment and cleaning products are designed around the latest environmentally friendly aqueous based solutions. Our extensive range of three and five tank dip systems provides a perfect upgrade from a vapour degreaser, combining superior cleaning with phosphated finish.

Multistage conveyorised spray pre treatment lines have been manufactured by Airflow for many years. Our wealth of experience combined with the latest chemicals and plant design results in our ability to supply the very best high volume, multistage plants. Our plants will run on Zinc Phosphate, Iron Phosphate or Zirconium Phosphate providing conversion coatings on Steel, Aluminium or Zinc. Whatever your pre treatment requirements, you should be discussing them with one of our Engineers.

We can also provide complete Eco system design and installation. With 30 plus years experience in the industrial oven marketplace our know-how is unrivalled. Our knowledge of these booths and their application in the UK and within our vibrant export market gives Airflow the authority to advise from position of experience. you can be assured that our products will be manufactured and installed to the highest standards being ATEX and ISO 9001 accredited.

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Pre Treatment Plant & Equipment

The latest generation of Pre-treatment systems available
All stainless steel construction including tanks and pumps
Superior cleaning at lower temperatures
Reduced energy consumption = Increased Profits
Optimised plant operation and improved finished product quality
Improved operator environment
Ease of use for operators Improved conversion coatings on multi-metal substrates
Improved ROI (return on investment)
Reduced servicing
Equipment longevity
Controlled and predictable energy costs