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AMS Industrial Ovens AMS2750F  Certification & Temperature Uniformity

AMS2750F Certification & Temperature Uniformity

AMS2750F Certification & Temperature Uniformity

To ensure that compliance with AMS2750F is maintained, regular on site tests need to be carried out by a company such as Airflow who have the skills and experience to carefully assess the needs of each individual client and then respond with a tailored package to suit those needs.

Intervals for system accuracy tests, temperature uniformity surveys for controlling, monitoring and recording instruments are based on the combination of furnace class and instrumentation type. For example, it should be made clear that there is a distinct difference between the system accuracy test (SAT) and the temperature uniformity survey (TUS) and AMS2750F lays out quite clearly the defined intervals for each to be carried out. Both the SAT and TUS also depend on whether the system is to process raw materials or parts/components.

Simply described, a SAT is a test of the control, monitoring and recording systems which is usually an onsite comparison of the instrument/lead wire/ sensor readings or values, with the readings or values of a test instrument/lead wire/sensor to determine if the measured temperature deviations are within applicable requirements, and this is performed to assure the accuracy of the furnace/oven control and recorder system.

The TUS is a test or series of tests where field test instrumentation and sensors are used to measure the temperature variation within the qualified working zone, prior to and after thermal stabilisation. E.g. for an oven to comply with furnace class 1 and instrument type A used for processing parts/components, the SAT interval would be biweekly, however at the other end of the scale, for an oven with furnace class 6 and instrument type F, again used for processing parts/components the SAT interval would be semi-annually.

From this we can see the importance in accurately assessing a client’s needs on an individual basis and Airflow has the skills to do this. Similarly, TUS regularity is also dependant on furnace class and instrument type and this can range from monthly for furnace class 1, instrument type A to quarterly for furnace class 6, instrument type F. These TUS intervals can however be extended substantially depending on the number of successful TUS carried out!

Airflow has a number of highly skilled and highly trained service engineers who are equipped with the latest testing equipment and we are able to give you peace of mind knowing that your oven is not only manufactured by the leading supplier of AMS compliant products, but is also serviced and tested correctly to ensure the quality of your produced items throughout the lifetime of the oven.

AMS2750F Certification & Temp Uniformity

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