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AMS2750F Specifications

AMS2750F Specifications

There are two AMS2750F Specification types relating to Airflow and its offering for Industrial Oven application; AMS2750F furnace classes and AMS2750F instrumentation type.

AMS2750F is somewhat a complex document and for many clients who are maybe new to the industry, some of the details and procedures may seem to be a little onerous when applied to everyday processes. The document contains a number of headings, most of which deal with the technical requirements of compliance such as:

There are also a small number of headings such as quality assurance provisions and the responsibility for inspections which are in place to support the system as a whole and ensure that the requirements of AMS2750F are being met.

Two of the main features within AMS2750F are the specifications relating to the instrumentation type and the furnace class of thermal processing equipment and Airflow have both the skills and experience to supply the equipment required to fulfil these specifications.

As can be seen below (left), when defining furnace class the definition is determined by the temperature uniformity required within the working zone.

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AMS2750F Specifications

As can be seen below (left), when defining furnace class the definition is determined by the temperature uniformity required within the working zone.

T1 450 1 ±5 ±3
T2 300 2 ±10 ±6
T3 200 3 ±15 ±8
T4 135 4 ±20 ±10
T5 100 5 ±25 ±14
T6 85 6 ±50 ±28

From the above (right) we can see that the most stringent furnace class is Class 1 which has a uniformity figure of +/− 3 Degrees C. Intervals for system accuracy tests, temperature uniformity surveys and controlling, monitoring and recording instrument calibrations are based on the combined furnace class and instrument type. Instrument type requirements as shown below denote the number and type of sensor and the types range from A to E with A being the most involved in terms of monitoring.

Airflow is able to offer a solution to any AMS system requirement. We can design and build you an oven to suit any of the six furnace types and we use only the best control solutions to satisfy instrument type requirements with controllers and data/graphic recorders from Eurotherm or any manufacturer of your choice to suit your site standards.

AMS2750F  Specification AMS2750F  Specification AMS2750F  Instrumentation
One control sensor per zone that controls and displays temperature X X X X X
The temperature indicated by the control sensor in each control zone shall be recorded by a recording instrument. Alternatively, the recording instrument may be connected to a second sensor contained in the same sheath or holder as the control sensor, and separated from the control sensor by no more than 10mm X X X X
At least two additional recording sensors in each control zone shall be located to best represent the coldest and hottest temperatures based on the results from the most recent temperature uniformity survey. It is recognised that certain furnace designs/loading configurations can prevent the location of these sensors in the precise coldest and hottest locations, but these sensors should be located as close as practical X X
At least one recording load sensor in each zone. During production in multi zone furnaces, empty zones do not require a load sensor. However, a notation must be made to the furnace load record that the zone was entirely empty X X
Each control zone shall have over temperature protection. The sensor representing the hottest location may also be utilised as the over temperature protection sensor X X X X X

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