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Controlled Extraction Ventilation

Controlled Extraction & Ventilation Systems

Controlled Extraction & Ventilation Systems Overview

Controlled Extraction Systems can provide the ideal internal environment within your existing rooms or building areas. Our bespoke systems are made up of proven modular components to provide close process control within specified parameters. Airflow ventilation systems are ideally suited for process extraction duties and can be supplied with a choice of air inlet and extraction filters to suit each individual application. Fans can be sized to meet room dimensions and EPA compliant ductwork installed.

Airflow Controlled Ventilation Systems are used in a wide range if industries including Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Formula One Racing, Oil Exploration, Industrial Processing, Automotive and Surface Coatings.

Airflow can simultaneously provide the control of other criteria including Temperature Control, Particulate Control, Vapour Control, and Light Control and include air locked human interfaces for access to the facility. All our Environmental solutions ensure that any emissions to atmosphere are kept to an absolute minimum and always within regulatory limits.

All regulated parameters are controlled and recorded by our sophisticated systems. Dedicated 'Air Handling Units' provide specified volumes of air within specific dedicated criteria. In addition to manufactured products, Airflow Environmental provides advice and practical assistance on environmental issues that affect your business, such as Process emissions, Waste water treatment, Process Chemical Disposal, Spray Booth waste management and general industrial EPA Compliance.

Stockholding of standard assemblies, means we can respond quickly to meet your requirements. Project management is the key to our installation success. We only employ expert personnel who appreciate the importance of installing environmental plant, precisely and to schedule.

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Why You Should Consider Airflow Extraction & Ventilation Systems

  • Airborne Particulate Control
  • Airborne Solvents Control
  • Close control of important paramaters
  • Humidity Control
  • Lighting control of both Lux and colour (K)
  • Modular design allowing for all types of Clean Room Application
  • Refrigeration and Chiller Control
  • Temperature Control

Extraction Ventilation

Gas Safe
Northwest Aerospace Alliance
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