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IBC Heaters & IBC Heating Jackets

Drum Heaters & Heating Jackets Overview

Airflow Group provide an alternative to capital plant equipment for the heating of IBC’s using heating jackets. IBC Heaters and IBC Heating Jackets can be utilised for Frost Protection, Temperature Maintenance and Heat Up of IBCs. Whether you simply need a frost protection heating jacket or have a requirement for quick, efficient heat up of your media, we have a range of products for your application.

Drum Heating Jackets - 25, 50, 100 & 205 Litre Jackets

Our product range includes insulated drum heating jackets, base drum heaters, induction drum heaters and ATEX approved drum heaters.

We can offer high power drum heaters and drum heating jackets which provide fast heat up times or lower powered drum heaters for gentle heat up of contents.

Drum Heating Jackets

HIBC1 Heating Jackets - Ideal for Frost Protection Application Jackets

The heating jacket is designed to be a low cost heating solution for the frost protection of IBC's and containers and low temperature maintenance.

The IBC1 has a single heated circuit of 1300W and has a -5-40°C adjustable thermostat.

The HIBC1 jacket is available to suit 110V or 230V supply voltages.

HIBC1 Heating Jackets - Ideal for Frost Protection Application Jackets

HIBC/B IBC Heating Jacket - Ideal for Frost Protection, Temperature Maintenance & Heat Up Applications

For applications that require IBC containers to be heated up over time and maintained, Airflow Group supply HIBC/B. The HIBC/B has two heating circuits of 1000W for a total power output of 2000W. Each heating circuit comes with an adjustable thermostat with a range of 0-40ºC or 0-90ºC and is available to suit 110V or 230V supply voltages.

HIBC/B IBC Heating Jacket

IBC3 Heating Jacket - Temperature Maintenance & Heat Up Applications

For high temperature applications or applications that require shorter heat up times we can offer the IBC3. The IBC3 has three heating circuits of 1050W that provide a combined power output 3150W. A 0-90°C adjustable thermostat is provided for each heating circuit. The IBC3 is only available for 230V power supplies.

IBC3 Heating Jacket

HIBC/A Silicone IBC Heater Mats

We can also provide an IBC heated solution for 'Bag-In-A-Box' type IBC containers. The HIBC/A is a silicone heater mat designed to be placed underneath the container before filling. The HIBC/A comes with a digital temperature controller to monitor the temperature and is available to suit 110V or 230V supply voltages. At 230V the HIBC/A has a power output of 2700W and at 110V the output is 1800W. Custom Size IBC and Tank Heating Jacket Solutions. We can also provide customised heating jackets to suit non-standard tanks and IBC's.

HIBC/A Silicone IBC Heater Mats

Drum Heaters & Jackets

IBC heaters and IBC heating jackets are designed to provide electric surface heating to products stored in 1000 Litre Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's). IBC heaters and IBC heating jackets reduce viscosity of fats, oils, foodstuffs and chemicals and are in widespread service throughout the pharmaceutical, chemicals, cosmetic, food processing and manufacturing industries. Airflow Group are able to provide a number of standard IBC heater jackets suitable for different requirements and additionally can provide ATEX certificated solutions suitable for hazardous area use.

Please browse our website for more information about Airflow and our range of IBC Heaters & IBC Heating Jackets. Call 01142 327788 to speak to one of our team, or e-mail us at sales@airflow-group.com.

Drum & IBC Heating Jackets

Thorne and Derrick & Airflow work together in partnership to provide our customers with drum and IBC heating solutions. Airflow drum heating ovens are an ideal solution when large numbers of drums need to be heated or when higher temperatures need to be achieved. However, there are many examples when a customer only needs to heat one or two drums/IBCs. When this is the case, it can be much more cost efficient to use drum or IBC heating jackets.

Drum and IBC heating jackets are an ideal solution for frost protection or to melt and reduce the viscosity liquids. Selection of the correct heating method depends on the media being heated, the desired temperature, heat up time and also the material of the vessel. Airflow & T&D use their combined expertise to identify the most cost efficient method of heating the media.

Drum Heating Jackets

Lower powered heating jackets can be used for simple frost protection applications where the user only needs to maintain the media temperature between 5°C - 15°C. Higher powered jackets should be used for higher temperature requirements or when a faster heat up time is required.

The graphs below show typical heat up times for HISD/D 450W jacket compared to a HISD/E 1200W jacket. Much quicker heat up times are possible with the 1200W jacket however they are not suitable for use with plastic drums.

Water Temperature Drum Heating

IBC heating jackets are available in 1KW and 2KW models. Typically a 1KW jacket with raise the temperature of a full IBC at a rate of 1C per hour. The 2KW model will increase the temperature between 1-3C per hour.

Water Temperature Drum Heating

Hazardous Area Heating Solutions

Drum & IBC heating solutions often need to be certified for use in explosive atmospheres. This may be due to the processing environment in which the drums/IBCs are stored or it could be because media itself is explosive. Drum heating ovens and jackets are available with ATEX & IECEx certification.

Thorne and Derrick are trace heating and hazardous area heating experts with over 25 years’ experience providing frost protection, temperature maintenance and heat up solutions for pipework, tanks and vessels.

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