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Airflow is Europe's leading manufacturer of Process Ovens for Industry. Our ability to understand and meet the specific requirements of our customers has enabled Airflow to build partnerships with the world's leading manufacturers.

Applications include aerospace, automotive, furniture, marine and pharmaceuticals, to name but a few. Working from a purpose built production facility, Airflow is a BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 registered company, employing over 50 highly skilled staff who are all committed to total customer care. We manufacture Industrial Ovens up to 425°C temperature range.

Cutaway drawing of an Airflow 225°C Industrial Oven

  1. Strong Structural Steel Framework with Lifting Eyes
  2. Full Width Double Doors with Internal Release Handle and Sprung Stainless Steel Door Seals
  3. CE Marked and Compliant with Machinery Directive 89/392/EE
  4. Modern Electronic Control Panel with PID Temperature Control
  5. Explosion Relief to HS 16(G), the whole of the Roof Area
  6. Roof Mounted Heater Chamber. Natural Gas, LPG, Electric, Steam or Hot Water, Indirect Oil or Gas
  7. Independent Interlocked Exhaust Fan
  8. Twin Powerful Air Circulation Fans giving unrivalled
  9. Temperature Uniformity
  10. Four Sided Duct on 225°C and above
  11. Volume Control Dampers
  12. Air Distribution Control Dampers
  13. Thermally Efficient Insulated Panels for economical running
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Industrial Ovens up to 125°C

Drum Heating Ovens

In many processing environments, it is essential to bring products such as oils, foodstuffs, chemicals etc. up to a suitable working temperature to achieve the desired viscosity or to stimulate the desired chemical reaction. Our drum heating ovens are purpose designed to hold IBC's, individual drums, or palletised groups. Frequently these Ovens are sited outdoors requiring fully weatherproof versions. The ovens can include drum racks and spillage bunds and are capable of maintaining accurate and even temperatures whilst minimising running costs.


Raw materials, fabrics or part-finished items imported from overseas frequently require Decontamination using Airflow re-circulated hot air ovens. This process ensures that insects and their larvae are removed from carpets and fabrics and is a common application for Airflow ovens, typically operating at around 100°C.

Paint Curing

Numerous modern-day paints, lacquers and varnishes benefit from being cured at elevated temperatures to achieve the required coating hardness in the shortest possible time. Depending on product volume and curing spec, the process can be accomplished by using a batch Oven fitted with a process timer or a conveyorised Oven with the conveyor speed matched to the ovens length.

Product Drying

Pre-treatment of materials, components or assemblies, to remove grease or anti-corrosion agents is often carried out by dipping or spraying using aqueous cleaning solutions. Airflow produces a range of drying ovens configured to integrate with cleaning process and produce a dry clean product.

Industrial Ovens up to 225°C

Garment Chemical Curing

Clothing fabrics used for fashion and work wear are increasingly treated with chemicals to achieve various decorative effects. Following treatment the garments are placed in an Airflow Oven and cured at around 140°C. Nowadays, instead of the traditional stone washing of denim garments, the manufacturers coat the denim with a specially developed range of chemicals which, when cured, produce the same visual effect without degrading the fabric or reducing its life.

Sheet Pre-Heating

Before vacuum-forming or thermo-forming products from acrylic or plastic sheet Airflow Ovens are used to pre-heat the sheets to around 180°C. This is a highly temperature critical operation, as the sheet must retain uniform thickness and not display stress fractures. Ovens can be supplied to accommodate 4, 6, or 8 sheets in individual slots or a moving cage within the oven can present the heated sheets to a single door via plc control.

Evaporation and Distillation

The extraction of chemicals and pharmaceutical elements from their host resource (often plants or minerals) is increasingly achieved under controlled conditions in a specially designed oven. Airflow distillation ovens provide the product in liquid concentrate form, separated from the waste and by-products.

Stress Relieving

Pre-formed metal assemblies used in critical roles for industries such as aerospace and defence, are heat treated in heat treated Airflow Ovens at around 200°C, then cooled to a controlled profile to avoid the formation of stress characteristics.

Composite Curing

Carbon composite components used in Formula 1, aerospace and the high performance automotive industry are formed in Airflow Composite Curing Ovens. The component and its former are encapsulated in a plastic sheath, then placed in the Oven which has an internal vacuum system. The Oven then shrinks the material onto the former and cures the component at up 225°C. The heating and cooling processes are crucial to achieve the precise composite characteristics.


Mandrel woven synthetic/rubberised and silicone fabric tubes, used as hoses in the automotive and marine industries, are cured at up to 225°C in Airflow process ovens. This provides the shape retention qualities that are needed to cope with situations such as extended heat exposure on turbocharger to intercooler hoses.

Temperatures up to 325°C

Cermalloy Coating

Titanium blades used in high-speed turbines are sprayed with a Cermalloy Coating, then cured at 260°C to provide anti-corrosion resistance and an improved ability to withstand wear and impact.

Sub Sea Pipework Coatings

In the petrochemical industry, pipes that carry aggressive liquids are given an interior lining of chemical resistant resin containing lass particles. These resins are cured in Airflow ovens at 320°C to provide an extended life in the harshest of environments.


Exterior FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) coating to resist corrosion and weathering are applied to the exterior of pipes that are to be laid onto the seabed. The Ovens ramping controller takes the pipe section, which can be in excess of 15m long and weigh over 40 tonnes, up to 280°C in controlled stages to avoid stresses and distortion in the metal. The pipe is then withdrawn and the powdered epoxy coating is fused onto the hot metal before returning to the oven for the post curing cycle.

Heat Treatment

The aerodynamic aluminium profiles that form the air inlets on aero engines are subjected to massive extremes of temperature and pressure. To ensure their reliability and durability the shaped structures undergo Heat Treatment in an Airflow Oven at temperatures exceeding 275°C. This relieves the stresses built up during manufacture, and ensures that they remain in optimum mechanical condition throughout their operational life.

Surgical Dressing Manufacture

At temperatures of 450°C surgical fabrics and high-tech plastic membranes are simultaneously bonded together and sterilised in Airflow high temperature Ovens.

Higher Temperature Applications

Airflow manufacture ovens for numerous higher temperature applications. Ovens uses include heat treatment ovens, suitable for annealing, stress relieving or tempering of aluminium, ferrous metals, brass, copper and glass. We are able to manufacture ovens to meet Boeing and Rolls Royce specifications. Ovens can also be manufactured as gas tight units to contain a nitrogen atmosphere.

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