Infrared Heaters

Infrared Heaters Overview

Are you looking for an efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly and ultra-safe drying system for your industrial spray shops and paint drying ovens? Airflow Group has extensive knowledge in this area and is ideally placed to show you how this breakthrough technology can be put to everyday use at a price that makes sense to any sized business. Airflow Group is a world-leader in the supply and installation of catalytic infrared heating technology.

Catalytic Technology

Catalytic heaters are fuelled by natural, butane or propane gas and use catalytic infrared technology. Rather than using a flame, fuel is combusted by means of an exothermic reaction. The temperatures involved in catalytic heating are much lower than in flame combustion, therefore the heaters present no risk of igniting explosive vapours from solvent based coatings. This makes the system ideal for curing.

Ideal For Curing Paints, Glues & Lacquers

This revolutionary technology means that painted items, such as engines and automotive body parts, can be heated directly which provides far greater energy transfer efficiency. Most organic materials readily absorb the long-wave (far) infrared energy that is produced, giving a better finish in less time and at a lower cost.

So how Does It Work?

Prior to the gas fuel being allowed to enter the heater, a low wattage pre-heat electric element raises the core temperature of the catalytic medium to 120°c. Fuel then enters the gas tight stainless steel pan and is evenly dispersed. The fuel then passes through a ceramic heat shield which prevents heat reaching the back surface of the pan. The ceramic pad also assists with the even distribution of the fuel over the surface of the catalyst. The gas then passes through the catalytic medium which initiates an exothermic reaction upon contact with the oxygen present in the air. This results in the combustion of the gas/air mixture at a temperature of between 250ºc and 500ºc which is below flame temperature.

No Environmental Polution

Catalytic reaction is a virtually perfect combustion process, which does not produce any nitrogen oxides (NOx) or carbon monoxide (CO).

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Infrared Heaters

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