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The Complete Automation Solution - Prodigy

The Complete Automation Solution - Prodigy

Touch Screen Support - Larger button sizes, access to right click options and a pop-up numeric keypad are some of the options provided to help with touch screen systems.

Display Replay - Use DVD style controls to pause, rewind and replay the action from any display. This powerful tool can be used to aid fault diagnosis, perform post-mortem investigations or help with user training.

Pop Up Displays - can be used in several ways. They can provide multiple ‘floating’ views of your system for ease of use. They can also be linked into other displays to create a section of display which is shared between any number of other displays. By modifying just one Pop Up your changes will propagate to all displays which share the same Pop Up. This will save you time and ensure consistency.

Toolbars - are used to provide access to the objects used in creating displays and also to tools that allow objects to be positioned relative to one another. All toolbars may be docked or floated over any part of the display.

Operator Interaction - your own icons can be made into buttons. They can be configured to display forms, set signal values, switch displays, run reports or launch other programs. Prodigy also provides standard Windows buttons including check boxes and radio buttons.

Library - Prodigy Display Builder includes a comprehensive library of plant items that can simply be dropped onto your displays. The library can be extended by adding your own objects, created using Prodigy Display Builder. Library objects can be made into ‘Super Objects’. This means that they contain all of the information required to automatically create the signal database entries when they are placed on a display.

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  • Display Builder - Creates visually appealing and user friendly interfaces
  • Trending Systems - A comprehensive trending facility for implementing intelligent recording strategies
  • Alarm Functions - Sophisticated alarm functions that enable operators to react quickly to any faults/problems
  • Mobile Reporting - Mobile Access where alarms and reports can be sent through SMS and Email
  • Sequence Language - (SLANG) that allows further development to tailor the software to any of your special needs
  • Selective Licensing - So you only pay for what you need.

Graphics Support - Display Builder takes full advantage of the latest developments in graphics hardware. Display Builder offers true colour, unlimited screen resolution and support for dual-monitor displays. Powerful gradient fills, transparency effects and animation timers make it easy to produce professional displays very quickly.

Thermal Imaging - Prodigy provides extensive support for the capture of data from thermal line scanners and the representation of this data within Display Builder. This includes real time and historic false colour thermal images, thermographs, 3D waterfall displays and sector trends.

Complete Automation Solution Prodigy

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